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A few more potential socials for the next few months, please let us know which you would like to be involved with:

Please see below details of 2 potential theatre trips we're looking to run in October & November:

In October Northampton Musical Theatre Company are putting on a production of West Side Story at the Derngate between Tuesday 23rd to Saturday 27th October.  Tickets cost between £16 - £22.  If you would be interested in going to see this show please let us know and also if you have a preference for which date.

In November the Abbey Community Theatre are putting on a show featuring our very own Kev Johnson.  The show is called 'Don't get your vicar's in a twist' and a synopsis of the show is below:
"Itís 1993 and the first female vicars are being ordained. Church Warden George Williams has rented out the vicarage (which was empty while waiting for a new vicar to take up the post) to a travelling drama company for a Murder Mystery weekend in order to pay for his daughterís wedding. Unfortunately, Bishop Herbert, determined to have the first parish with a female vicar, appoints Caroline Timberlake before the weekend can take place. Luckily Caroline decides to keep a long-standing reunion with her college friends and the Murder Mystery goes ahead. But events take a farcical turn when Bishop Herbert decides to visit his new vicar! Actors, guests and church dignitaries create total confusion as George tries to salvage the weekend Ė and still get paid!"

We are thinking of seeing the show on either Thursday 22nd or Friday 23rd November and tickets are £7.  If you would like to come to see the show please reply to this email with your preferred date.


Here are details of a few more potential theatre-based socials we were thinking of getting tickets for - one later this month, and three comedy options that arenít until next year but we would need to get tickets soon.

As always if you could reply to this email as soon as possible that would be great.

Tuesday 29 January 2019:  Sandi Toksvig.  £28

Sandi Toksvig is bringing her brand new, one-woman comedy show to Northampton.

Friday 1 February 2019:  Dave Gorman. £29:50

Almost sold out so would need to be quick for this one

Tuesday 30 April 2019:  Paul Merton.  £25

The King of Improvisation comes to the Derngate.

Further information on all these are on the Derngate website -  https://www.royalandderngate.co.uk/


Note, if youíve recently asked to be taken off this mailing list, we are working on it, but it just takes a little time so please be patient and weíll get it done.  :-)

Finally, a quick request.  I (Ray) have been organising socials for a few years now, along with the able assistance of Tracey for the past couple of years (many thanks Tracey).  However, I donít currently feel I can really carry on being the first point of contact, for the time being at least.  Whilst Iím still happy to organise some socials, it would be great if other members of the group could come forward and carry on moving things along.  Please let us know if youíre interested.

Best wishes
Ray and Tracey


If interested in any of the above, contact the Social Secretary on

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